GPS App- android application, created by Guretruck as a part of Truckcontroller Ecosystem.*

Benefits of using GPS Truckcontroller*

Free Android application.*

Subcontractors and distribution managment.*

For any mobile device like smartphones and tablets with Android.*

Driver application*

Fast information exchange with driver via chat*

Find out more about the app and watch our video*

How to use GPS App?*

Few steps and You can test the App today!*

  • Create a user on*
  • Give the user access to the mobile app (not necessary access to the web)*
  • Save the user and the password for the app*
  • Download the App for free from play store (Get App*)*
  • Open the app and introduce the user and password*
  • Select from the list the driver and vehicle*
  • Start testing and see how it works for You !*

Download the PDF Brochure*