The Salary Calculator is integrated into “Tacho Manager” at


  • Automatic calculation of gross salary for drivers directly from the driver files of the tachograph
  • The currency used is the local currency of each country
  • Ideal for self-employed drivers up to thousands of drivers
  • System is based on a single revolutionary algorithm with exactly value for 16 countries: only the numeric values are tailored to each country. The system is configured with the minimum wage in each country and can be adapted for each user to meet the needs of each company

The salary is comprised of the following parameters

  • Advance salary pay for drivers

  • Base salary: including extras, work days and sick days. Also Supporting pay per hour instead of base salary. The system permits the user to define what is “work “.

  • Extra hours are broken down into: normal extra hours, day –night, natural holidays of the week and bank holidays . Calculations can be made for every month, every two months, every three months or every six months

  • Expenses: can be incorporated into salary. Each European country visited can have different value assigned. The calculation is based on the driving and rest periods which is more powerful than “per day” . This allows the system to calculate the holidays in automatic way (without have to manually record anything yourselves) and not to pay expenses during holidays in fully automatic way.

  • Accomodation : can be incorporated into salary . You can define when are: “the nights when the driver didn’t drive and is entitled to accommodation”

  • Additional wages for application of German law , during the trips in Germany . Additional wages for application of Norwegian law , during the trips in Norway . Ready for the future application of France .You can configure what is “ in transit” in Germany .

Remember that only the tachograph files are recognised through the Europe as evidence of driving time.

The systems puts managers in control, putting all the details at their fingertips, particularly if they have branches in different countries

For the perfect working of the system the drivers must change the country whenever they cross a border on the tachograph. It is also recommended that the drivers update the country at the beginning and end of the period.

In case of any claim against the company by drivers, Guretruck can send an expert to the Court or Tribunal to defend the validity of the report ( we have vast experience in this area).

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