Pobierz obrazki
We have obtained the first official request from the German Customs authority (ZOLL-Saarbrucken) in which a foreign transport company is asked to submit documentation in accordance with the German Minimum Wage Law Act: ‘’MiLoG’’.
In the open case we are following, these are the documents requested by German Custom authorities:
- The salaries pay sheets of all the drivers whose entrance in Germany during a particular month, has been notified by fax. Please pay attention when submitting more drivers’ names than the actual amount of drivers that have entered Germany!
- The proof of payment of the aforementioned salaries.
- An overview of the working hours (from the month that is being evaluated) of the drivers whose entrance in Germany has been notified.
- The name and home address of the clients of the cargo that has been effectuated in the evaluated month.
Time periods, language and sanctions:
- The prescription time to deliver the documentation in question, is approximately one month.
- All the documents need to be traslated in the German language.
- Non-answers can be punished by fines as high as € 30.000,00.

We would like to remind the users of Truckcontroller that the handling of the requirements of ‘’MiLoG’’, is included in the price. Guretruck does not need extra documents, because everything is already in Truckcontroller. We only need to receive the list of the clients of the period requested.
Pobierz obrazki