Prepaid Cards & Discounts

Rechargeable bank card with discounts, including petrol discounts.

Commission free for any cash point.

No risk in case of theft or loss

Easy card loading and unloading by any device

Separate Invoice for each reload

Benefit from large discounts on fuel in Spain

Manage your onlie accounts easily

Simple Account management online

For any situation on the road – with full controll of Your money- Gurecards

How it works?

  • Order a necessary amount of cards by phone, email or directly on your www.truckcontroller.com
  • Divide the cards in your trucks; they might be use by any driver, there is no name on the card
  • Upload your Virtual Purse online
  • Start using the cards: You can load and unload them any time on any device with internet access
  • For each reload you will find an invoice in your Truckcontroller account

Unload fee

Annual fee

Cash point interbank comission

Commission TPV + Online

Commission currency exchange

0€ 0€ 0€ 0€ 0€
0€ 0€ Yes 0€ Yes
0€ 0€ Not Allowed 0€ Yes

Save Your money with discounts on petrol stations in Spain with Guretruck cards. Check the prices today !

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