Police Controller

Software and hardware for advanced analysis of data from analogue and digital tachographs.


Visualization of all infringements in all European languages ​​to show them to foreign drivers without changing the program language. We have a multi- language query module of European and national legislation and authentication of documents of vehicles throughout Europe.

Technical characteristics hybrid version

  • We have a hybrid version that allows working with touch devices or mouse

  • It is adapted to new multi core processors

  • Download and analyse driver files, vehicle files and S-files (data of speed and RPM every 0.25s)

  • The entire system can be operated with both hands holding the tablet and manipulating thumbs: From the control on the road until forensics analysis - everything is possible

Quick and effective controls

  • Infringement module 561/06

  • Manipulation module 3821/85

  • Construction errors of tachograph manufacturer Module

  • Module to create infractions manually

  • All infringements are customizable, updated and tested in real controls

Powerful interactive graphics

The graphic tools allow almost unlimited interaction : calculation of km between 2 points, simultaneous visualization of multiple drivers and vehicles, drag and drop events between graphics…